Personalized and Custom Leather Guest Books

custom & personalized leather guest books

What you should consider.... 

  •  For what will you be using your guest book? 

If your custom guest book will see a lot of activity, be knocked around, or handled frequently it's a good idea to use the Spanish Bull Shoulder leather. It is absolutely beautiful, and is very difficult to scratch or mar. It is the rougher of the two textures that you see on the web site. Glazed smooth calf is very shiny and beautiful, but it does scratch very easily. This finish is recommended for light duty books that will be handled carefully.

  •  Would you like art on the cover of your guest book? 

 We will be glad to inlay your art or logo into the cover leather of your book, or help you create art appropriate for whatever your purpose may be. All art will be mocked up in Photoshop for your approval prior to assembly. We will be happy to make a complimentary mock up of whatever you may have in mind for your album.

  •  Would you like to personalize your pages? 
We will create a custom guest book page layout to accommodate whatever your purpose may be. Just let us know what information you would like to collect from your guests (name, email, address, phone, company, etc.), and we'll create a page in PDF form for your approval. Art and Images may be used as a watermark to be lightly printed behind your lines. Refills are always available from us, we will keep your page art on file.