Personalized and Custom Leather Products are our specialty!

handmade leather photo albums

custom leather album embroideryPowell Leather products may be personalized with your company logo, family name, initials, title, or inscriptions inlayed upon the item’s cover leather. We take a very different approach to personalization. Unlike engraved, stamped, or embossed leather photo albums and guest book covers, this method, referred to as “Inlay”, is permanent and will always be as impressive as it was when the art was created.

How do we personalize our leather products?

Your art is cut from the cover leather and fine glazed calf is carefully stitched behind to create characters and logos. Custom Leather PersonalizationDetails and embellishment may be added with stitching. The result is a type of personalization with much more character and longevity than standard stamping, embossing, or engraving. We take quality very seriously at Powell Leather, and employ the best techniques and materials through every step of crafting your order.  Blind inlay is a technique used to create a more subtle impression. For many items it is the most appropriate choice.

Handcrafted Leather ArtWhy is inlayed personalization a better choice than stamping, embossing, or engraving on your leather photo album, guest book, or photo portfolio ?

Personalization created using stamped, engraved, or embossed art tends to fade with time. Inlay work is actually an integral part of the construction of the item, and will always be clear and clean. Leather Hunting Album