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Embossed & Engraved Photo Albums

Posted by Steve powell on Mon, May 9, 2011
embossed engraved photo albumsAre you looking for an embossed photo album, or an engraved photo album. Traditionally these have been the usual methods used to create personalized photo albums, but we've taken personalization much further than that! All of our products are custom built on a  per customer basis by craftsmen with at least 40 years of experience with leather. We will be happy to build your custom leather photo album from the leathers of your choice, and determine which method of personalization best suits your art and theme. We will create your art, logo, or text on the front of your photo album using leather inlay, embroidery, or printing on artist's canvas to reproduce photos or complicated images upon the cover of your leather photo album. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how we may craft a personalized leather photo album for you. Please browse our website, you may also be interested in our leather portfolios, leather guest books, leather photo envelopes, leather wine totes, or presentation portfolios.

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Leather Scrapbook Albums

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Jun 29, 2010
leather scrapbooking albumDo you scrapbook? If you are a fan of scrapbooking, you must know how much time and love goes into making a scrapbook for your family or loved ones. If you've been seeking a scrapbook album that is appropriate for your most important memories, we'd like for you to take a moment to consider our leather scrapbook ablums. We spare no effort to craft the highest quality, and most beautiful scrapbook albums available anywhere today. We will be happy to discuss with you exactly what it is that you're looking for in an album, and design something that will beautifully protect your memories for generations to come. Please also feel free to browse our selection of photo albums, photo portfolios, presentation portfolios, leather guest books, and leather photo envelopes.

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Anniversary Photo Albums

Posted by Steve powell on Thu, Feb 25, 2010
anniversary albumAre you looking for  an excellent wedding anniversary gift for your spouse? Let us create a beautiful leather photo album to commemorate your years together, and preserve the events and times that are special to you. We can take whatever art or theme that you may want to use to create a personalized photo album that will become a treasured keepsake for years to come. If you'll be having an event to celebrate, you may want to consider using the same album as a guest book. Our photo and guest book pages are interchangeable, mixing them can really add a special touch to a book. We will be happy to build custom guest book pages for whatever the occasion may be. Give us a call to discuss how we might build a special personalized photo album for you. 

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Photo albums for babies!

Posted by Steve powell on Thu, Jul 30, 2009
Baby Photo Album

Baby Photo Album

Preserve your memories of your precious little one with a beautiful photo album from Powell Leather. We can craft an album personalized with your baby’s name, birth date, and any art that you may choose on the cover. Your album may include photos from ultrasound (baby’s fist photo) to important moments throughout life. If you’d like to journal in the album, lined pages may be integrated into the album to document your baby’s journey. Pages may be added to continue documenting memories of baby’s busy days.

Album ideas:


  • Photo ideas:  early photos of Mom and Dad, ultrasound, the day you were born, first day home,
  • Integrate lined pages for mom to journal, documenting baby’s journey to life.
  • Journaling ideas:  How mom and dad met, how we chose your name, shower gifts, details of the big day, first smile, tooth etc…

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Leather Photo Albums Personalized for You!

Posted by Steve powell on Fri, Apr 10, 2009
Personalized Photo Album

Personalized Photo Album

For whatever you may be planning, we can personalize an album for you. If you are searching for an album that can be embossed, engraved, or stamped with your art on the cover you may want to consider the inlay method of personalization. The beauty of the inlay method is that much more freedom of design exists, and it will always be as beautiful as the day that it was created.

We begin by examining your artwork, which may be emailed to us, or helping you to find a design which will suit your purpose. We then will create a mock up in Photoshop for your approval, and work with you until you’re satisfied with the design. The next step is to take the order.

We use the art from the mock up to begin cutting your design, by hand, from the cover leather. The different color fields will be created by sewing the appropriate leather in behind the cover leather. Details may be created by using stitching for embellishment. The edges are all skived ( hand tapered ) to half their thickness to eliminate bulges and bumps. After cutting, the edges of the cut leather are colored to make the images are as clean and crisp as possible.

Although this method is very time consuming and labor intensive, the finished product is much more impressive than any other method available. The work becomes unquestionably custom, and an inherent part of the photo album cover which will last the lifetime of the book.

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