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Custom and Personalized Leather Portfolios, Albums, and Guest Books

Posted by Steve powell on Mon, Feb 17, 2014

leather photo albums, portfolios, and guestbooks

Are you looking for an engraved leather photo album, embossed leather portfolio, or a personalized leather guest book? We specialize in crafting custom leather products from the highest quality materials available. Each Powell Leather product is crafted on a per customer basis in the color and finish of your choice. Your order may be personalized with the art of your choice fixed upon the cover. If a custom leather guestbook is what you've got in mind, we can create a personalized guestbook page layout to compliment the style of your book. Please feel free to browse our website to discover how a Powell Leather product might be crafted that is right for you.

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Leather Hunting Camp Guest Book

Posted by Steve powell on Wed, Nov 7, 2012


        If you're an avid hunter, or maintain a hunters lodge you may be looking for a leather guestbook that fits the bill. We've been crafting the highest quality custom leather lodge guestbooks, hunter's cabin guest books, and personalized leather hunting photo albums available for years. We'd be pleased to talk to you about whatever it is that you may have in mind to create a custom leather guest book that will be appropriate to meet your needs. All of our leather books may be crafted with your art, ranch brand, logo, or whatever you like carefully fixed upon the cover leather. Custom guestbook pages are available with whatever title, headers, and general layout that your application may require. Any sort of graphic image that you like may be lightly watermarked behind the lines of your personalized guest book pages to create the character that you have in mind for your particular leather guest register. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss a design that might be appropriate for you. We'll be pleased to help you to develop whatever design concept that you may have in mind.

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Leather Hotel Guest Register

Posted by Steve powell on Fri, Aug 24, 2012

leather guest register

If you operate a bed and breakfast or an inn you may be looking for a custom guest register to capture certain information from your guests. We will craft a personalized leather guest register for your establishment with your artwork on the cover, and can create custom guest register pages in a layout to suit your particular needs. We will be pleased to help you design the art for the cover of your book, and provide a Photoshop mock up before we begin assembly so that you will know exactly how your book will be built. We will help you to determine the best method to create your cover art using one of several techniques. Your personalized guest book pages may be created with whatever entries that you like, and an image may be placed lightly behind their lines. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might create your custom hotel guest register.

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