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Adding or Removing Guest Book and Photo Album Pages

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, May 27, 2014
installing refill pages

Adding or removing pages to, or from,  your Powell Leather photo album or guest book is  really quite easy if you follow these simple instructions. The same steps will be used for top loading photo pages and the custom guest book pages.


First, locate the calf leather binding bars within the book. These are the two leather flaps located on either side of the spine of the book. You'll notice that the bars have been stitched down at the top and bottom. Slide a fingernail under the center of the outer vertical edge of the binding  bar, and it should easily lift to reveal the screw posts, or the binding holes if your album is empty. Remove the screws using a screw driver ( if your album has pages installed ).


To install or replace the pages you'll need to locate the appropriate holes  in the binding bars for your pages. To do this hold one of your pages against the binding bars and verify which holes match your page. Next prepare the screw posts. Screw post extensions are included in new album only for installation purposes, THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE LEFT IN THE BOOK. Add the extensions to the female side of the screw post TO BE USED ONLY AS A GUIDE IN THE INSTALLATION PROCESS. Insert the female posts/extensions into each of the binding bars. Add your pages over the screw posts paying close attention that the front side of the pages are facing the front of the book ( also that the open edge of the photo pages are at the top ). Turn the book so that it is open with the cover against your body, and guide the second binding bar over the screw posts. If the book is new you may need to massage the spine between your thumb and index finger in order to soften the leather. They're usually quite firm before pages are installed, this is normal. The books are intended to be firm. Place your thumb aside the center post and press firmly. Unscrew the extension, and replace it with the male screw. Repeat this step with the following two holes. That's it! Please feel free to give us a call anytime if you are having a difficult time installing your pages.

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