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Custom Portfolios for Photographers

Posted by Steve powell on Wed, Mar 31, 2010
leather photo albums and portfoliosIt's difficult to find just the right style photo portfolio for every project. We can help. If you've got a special project, and are looking for a custom or personlalized leather photo album, photo portfolio, presentation portfolio, or photo envelope, we will craft one to satisfy your needs. Just give us a call to discuss what it is that you have in mind. We will craft your Powell Leather product from your choice of leathers, and develop a concept that will satisfy the look, and function, of what it is that you seek. All products may be personalized, and we have many options to choose from for interior features. Please feel free to browse our website, and give us a call anytime!

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Large Leather Guest Books from Powell

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, May 5, 2009
Large Leather Guest Book

Large Leather Guest Book

If you’re looking for an impressive guest book that will remain to be so for the long run, our large leather guest books are the right choice. The large guest book is a great choice for a long term sevice book for many reasons.  Most obviously, our books may be personalized throughout. The cover leather can be inlayed with your logo, family name, or whatever you like. We don’t have font and scale limitations as are found in foil stamping, embossing, and engraving because your art is hand cut to your specifications, and glazed calf leather is stitched beneath it to create the art.

Our custom guest book pages may also be personalized however you like. After gathering information regarding your purpose for the book, what information you would like to collect from your guests, and what art you would like to appear at the head of the page or in the background of the lines, our graphic designer will create a page layout for you. Upon your approval of the layout we will print your pages, and, of course, we will be happy to provide refill pages for you as needed.

Our books are composed of the best materials available from the cover leather all the way to the book’s core materials. Our goal is to produce for you the highest quality product possible. Many of the best clubs, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts, companies, and universities use Powell Leather guest books. They may also be found in private cabins, ranches, lakehouses, ski get-aways, beach houses, and churches around the country. Please consider one of our books for whatever your need may be.

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