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Leather Guest Books for Special Events

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Jul 31, 2012
custom leather guest bookAre you looking for a custom leather guest book for a special event? Our specialty is crafting one of a kind leather guest books, leather photo portfolios, and leather scrapbooks for any purpose that you may have in mind. Assembled from the finest materials available, our personalized leather guest books may be crafted with your art on the cover, and custom designed guest book pages may be created to reflect the personality or theme of your special event. Photo pages may be easily integrated within your guest pages to provide a lasting keepsake which will preserve the memory of whatever the occassion may be. Beautiful military guest books, corporate guest books, hotel guest books, and vacation home guest books leave our doors on a regular basis personalized to the customer's specifications. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how we might creat a one of a kind custom leather guest register for whatever it is that you may be planning.

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Corporate Guest Books

Posted by Steve powell on Fri, Feb 18, 2011
personalized guest booksAre you looking for a handsome leather guest book for your reception area, or a company retreat. We specialize in custom leather guest books of all types, including corporate guest books, guest books for businesses, guest books for hotels and resorts, guest books for yachts, and guest books for vacation homes. We will be pleased to craft your leather guest register with whatever art you like fixed upon the cover leather, and in the leathers of your choice. Custom guest book pages are also available. We will be pleased to work out a page layout to accommodate your purpose for your book. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we may craft a personalized leather guest book to satisfy your particular needs. Also, please feel free to browse our selection of personalized albums, photo envelopes, letter pad portfolios, and photography portfolios.

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Guest Books for Business

Posted by Steve powell on Fri, Aug 6, 2010
Anniversary Guest BookAre you looking for a handsome leather guest book for your reception area? Businesses all over the world come to Powell Leather when they're seeking something unique to welcome their guests. Would you like an absolutely custom guest book page layout? We will  design a page layout to retrieve the information that you want to collect from your guests, and put your logo or an image in the background to convey the feel that you want from your book. Our leather guest registers are crafted from the finest materials available by seasoned craftsmen to offer years and years of faithful service to your company. All of our leather guest books are refillable. Just give us a call when you're in need of more pages, and we'll ship them to you within one business day. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss what it is that you are seeking, and we'll be happy to spend as much time with you as is necessary to design a book which will accommodate your purpose beautifully. We design each book and page set on a per customer basis. Please take a moment to browse our website. We have an excellent selection of leather photography portfolios, leather photo albums, professional presentation portfolios, letter pad portfolios, photo envelopes, leather wine totes, and more.

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Photo Guest Books

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Feb 23, 2010

Leather Photo Guest BookThere are a lot of leather guest books out there, but have you ever considered using a photo guest book? It's always nice to have the names and comments of the people who've been a part of your occasions, but photos really add a nice touch to it all. We've combined our two best products to make something truly special. We'll create for you any custom guest book page layout that you like in addition to cover personalization. If you'd like to mix in photo pages with your guest book pages it is a great way to spice up your book. You may also do this after the fact. Consider taking some nice shots at your event, or of fun times had wherever the book may be in service to mix in with the guest book pages. These books are great for weddings, anniversaries, cabins, ranches, or wherever you might have some images to associate with your guest list.

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Large Leather Guest Books from Powell

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, May 5, 2009
Large Leather Guest Book

Large Leather Guest Book

If you’re looking for an impressive guest book that will remain to be so for the long run, our large leather guest books are the right choice. The large guest book is a great choice for a long term sevice book for many reasons.  Most obviously, our books may be personalized throughout. The cover leather can be inlayed with your logo, family name, or whatever you like. We don’t have font and scale limitations as are found in foil stamping, embossing, and engraving because your art is hand cut to your specifications, and glazed calf leather is stitched beneath it to create the art.

Our custom guest book pages may also be personalized however you like. After gathering information regarding your purpose for the book, what information you would like to collect from your guests, and what art you would like to appear at the head of the page or in the background of the lines, our graphic designer will create a page layout for you. Upon your approval of the layout we will print your pages, and, of course, we will be happy to provide refill pages for you as needed.

Our books are composed of the best materials available from the cover leather all the way to the book’s core materials. Our goal is to produce for you the highest quality product possible. Many of the best clubs, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts, companies, and universities use Powell Leather guest books. They may also be found in private cabins, ranches, lakehouses, ski get-aways, beach houses, and churches around the country. Please consider one of our books for whatever your need may be.

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