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Show and Classic Car Portfolios

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Jun 16, 2015
classic car photo album
Anyone who has ever restored an automobile knows well that it is a labor of love. It is a reflection of the character of the restorer as much as it is a restored classic car when the dust settles, and the smoke clears. We hand-craft custom leather albums and presentation portfolios in much the same fashion. Each order that leaves our doors is a unique creation. We will discuss with you what it is that you have in mind, and how you intend to use your custom leather portfolio. We craft our products from the finest materials available, and assemble them to provide years of service, beautifully. Whatever art that you provide us may be placed upom the cover leather, and if you're not sure how to begin we'll be pleased to help you design a custom car photo album for your purpose. Many other options are available depending upon the intended use of the book. You mayu want a document flap installed to hand out printed brochures at shows, or a pen loop, but whjatever your need may be, we'll be happy to toss around ideas with you. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss what it is that you have in mind, we'll be happy to hear from you!

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