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Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Jan 31, 2012
leather guest registerIf you're looking for a new hotel guest register, or bed and breakfast guest register that reflects the character of your establishment we can help. We specialize in crafting custom leather guest books for a variety of purposes. Your custom leather guest book may be crafted from the leathers of your choice with your logo, or any artwork that you like carefully fixed upon the cover leather using one or more of several specialized techniques that we employ to convey whatever feel it may be that you have in mind for your book. Your leather guestbook may be assembled with custom guest book pages to retrieve the information that you want to gather from your guests. We will be happy to create a custom guestbook page layout that integrates your logo, an image watermarked behind the lines, and whatever headers you request upon your pages. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss exactly what you may have in mind for your book. We'll create Photoshop mock ups of your book design options along with guest book page samples prior to begining any work on your book so that we can be sure to create something that will be exactly what you have in mind for your establishment. Each piece that leaves our doors is unique, and is crafted on a per customer basis. You can count on the fact that a Powell Leather guest book will last for generations to come, and will be the last guestbook that you'll ever need. Please feel free to browse our webstie to view our other personalized and custom leather products.

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