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Yacht Guestbook

Posted by Steve powell on Wed, Mar 31, 2010
yacht guest booksIf you're looking for a great leather guestbook for your yacht you may want to have a look at our products. We specialize in custom guestbooks, and have made one for just about any type of application that you can imagine. Many yacht owners prefer a Powell Leather guest registry for a number of reasons. First, we will personalize your guest book inside and out. Your vessel's name, and even art her art, may be fixed upon the cover leather. The books are available with custom guestbook pages, and are refillable. We can create a guest book page for you with a layout and headers which will best suit your purpose, and collect the information that is important to you. Any art or images may be watermarked behind the lines to create a very personalized finished product. All of our products are crafted from the highest qulity materials available. The body material within the books is moisture and fungus resistant, and, although the book is stiched, the adhesives that we use in addition to stiching are absolutely unaffected by moisture. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we may craft a custom guest book for you.

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