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Custom Guest Book Considerations?

Posted by Steve powell on Fri, Nov 6, 2009
Custom Guest Book There are a few things to consider when you're ordering a custom guest book. First consider your budget. A lot of people like to go all of the way, and personalize their covers with art, names, or logos. This can make for a truly spectacular guest book, but it can also get expensive. The thing about a guest book is that in many cases they spend most of their time open.... no one will ever see the cover. There's nothing wrong with a simple classic cover, as a matter of fact it has a certain elegance. If you're going to create custom guest book pages you can put all of the art that you want there. We charge a flat fee for page art anyway. It's definitely the most economical, and often the most tasteful, way to go in your design. Second, think about what the purpose of your book will be. If you just want to collect certain information for business purposes, it's fine to just create short fields for your customers to record their information. If you're designing a page for your cabin, ranch, beach house, or ski cabin, it's usually a good idea to use full complete lines with column headers like name, date, remarks, or memories. In these circumstances it's often nice to allow your guests as much space as possible to record their good experiences had at your place. After all, what's the book for anyway? Art, logos, images, or whatever you like may be watermarked behind the lines of your pages. Third, you may want to consider adding photo pages to your guest book. Powell Leather photo pages are easily mounted among your guest pages, and this can be a really fun way to add faces to the names on the pages. Your portfolio can also be a custom photo guest book. We'd be happy to discuss your purpose, ideas, and offer guidance in choosing the design that will be most appropriate for your personalized leather guest book.

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