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Leather Presentation Portfolios

Posted by Steve powell on Tue, Sep 28, 2010
leather presentation portfoliosAre you searching for a great accessory for your sales team. Our leather presentation portfolios have become a favorite sales companion for companies all over the country. Handsomely demontrate your products or services using one of our 8.5 x 11 portfolio albums, or our 12 x 12 leather albums. Both albums easily accommodate your sales images and printed matter within archival quality polypropylene film sleeves. All Powell Leather Portfolios may have optional document sleaves, pen holders, or business card pockets stitched within to easily stow all material that your sales team needs to make their presentations to your customers. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your needs. We'll be happy to help you any way that we are able.

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Embossed and Engraved Photo Albums and Guest Books?

Posted by Steve powell on Wed, Sep 22, 2010
embossed engraved photo albums and guest booksThere's nothing like a personalized leather photo album or leather guest book to record your memories of the special events and people in your life. We are often contacted by people seeking embossed photo albums, engraved guest books, and the like, but what we do here is a much better alternative. We use a method called "leather inlay" at Powell Leather. We begin the process by discussing what it is that you'd like to ultimately achieve with your book. We will create Photoshop mock ups of your art for your approval. Once you have approved a design we will carefully hand cut the design from the leather which will cover your book, and stitch the appropriate colors of glazed calf leather behind to create your particular design. Please feel free to browse our website to view examples of custom leather photo albums, and custom leather guest books. If you don't find what your looking for please don't hesitate to call to discuss what it is that you want. Our products are custom crafted on a per customer basis.

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Leather Photography Portfolios

Posted by Steve powell on Mon, Sep 20, 2010
custom leather portfolioAre you looking for a beautiful photography portfolio to present your work? We will be happy to craft a custom portfolio for whatever your needs may be. Any personalization , your logo or any other artwork, that you may have in mind may be fixed upon the cover. The interior may also be cusomized to facilitate your presentations. If you'd like to use the book as a presentation portfolio for your work, or sales material, we can easily stitch in an optional document flap in the front or back of the custom album.  Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we may craft a leather photo portfolio for you.

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Leather Photo Guest Books

Posted by Steve powell on Wed, Sep 15, 2010
photo guest booksAre you seeking a custom guest book that can also accommodate your special photos from the special events that you host? Our photo guest books are the perfect choice! Add faces to the names of your guests in your leather guest register. You can easily create a photo guest book by mixing our custom guest book pages and photo pages within one of our leather guest books in any order that you may choose. We will be happy to create personalized guest book pages with headers to collect the information that you want, and any art that you like in the background of the lines. Custom guest book albums may be crafted with whatever personalization that you like on the cover. Please feel free browse our website and view our other handcrafted leather products.

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Hunting Photo Albums

Posted by Steve powell on Thu, Sep 9, 2010
hunting photo albumHave you been pondering the ideal gift for your hunter in the family? You may have considered a leather photo album to accommodate all of those treasured memories from his or her favorite hunting trips. Hunting photo albums make the perfect gift for hunting enthusiasts. We will be happy to work with you to craft the perfect personalized photo portfolio to accommodate all of your hunter's special memories. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we may craft a custom album for you. You may browse our website to view our selection custom guest books, personalized photo envelopes, leather wine totes, and photography portfolios. Keep in mind that each product is custom crafted for each customer. We will craft your selection from the leather, and finish of your choice.

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Custom Wine Journals

Posted by Steve powell on Thu, Sep 2, 2010
personalized wine journal pageleather wine journalKeep up with your favorite vintages, wines that went so well with certain dinners, and your friends with whom you've shared special evenings with a custom leather wine journal from Powell Leather. We build our wine journals in two dimensions using the same cover construction that accommodates our large leather guest books, and our small leather guest books. The custom wine log pages may be personalized to suit your taste. We can make entries for the information that is important to you using any art, logo, or image as  a background image on the page. Your custom pages may be crafted with your name, or the name of your cabin, home, ranch, or establishment on the top of the page. Our leather covers may be fully customized as well. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we may create a personalized wine journal for you. Please visit our website and be sure to view our leather photo portfolios, leather guest books, leather photo envelopes, leather wine totes, and leather presentation portfolios.

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